They missed three days of work, somehow got a 1% impairment rating after being rear-ended by a car going 6 mph, and they are expecting you to write them a check for $1.5 million. And they won't budge. Share your uh, unusual, negotiations.

The $200,062,500.00 Demand Letter

Looks like they are asking for $100M per foot.

This letter was sent to the supervisor of an adjuster who was handling a liability loss for property damage. Pretty sure it settled for less than what the claimant was seeking.

Dear Mr. —–

It is my opinion that Ms. —- has undermind countless attempts on my part to settle this claim. Whenever I have met with Ms. —- I have ask her to document all the lost items etc. She grasiously did so saying that she would be happy to keep notes of our meetings and take pictures etc. and give me copies. I told Ms. —- that one condition of my allowing them to take my property into their possession and or leave my property in the house while they were working was that they take pics of everything and provide me with them. Ms. —- agreed to this in front of numerous witnesses, as did all of her subcontractors.

I get the impression that Ms. —- has suggested that I have been unreasonable. However, that is far from true. But I have a right to midigate and prove my damages. The FIRST step in doing that is documentation and we have not even gotten to that point yet. Because Ms. —- has failed to give me notes from our meetings, her pics etc. I have no problem getting duplicate receipts etc for all or most of my property, but I cannot do that until I have copies of Ms. —- notes which have everything we have documented to date ect. And all her pics etc. I have not charged Ms. —- anything for the pics etc that I have given her so I expect her to give me pics under the same standards. Please have all these things documented by tuesday as we cannot even begin documenting this matter until I recieve them. Continue reading

The Art Of Negotiation

The Art Of Negotiation

The easy part is done. Now it gets difficult.

Submitted by an adjuster who used to work in North Florida:

I was training a new hire and monitoring a bodily injury negotiation he was handling with a young father and his two year-old son. We were all in my office and I was reviewing another file when I overheard the trainee make this offer: “Sir, we’re offering $500.00 for your injury and $1,500.00 for your son’s injury.” The claimant responded earnestly, “Well, I was really hoping to get $2,000.00 total for both of us.” I immediately looked up from the file I was reading, but had to stop myself from laughing. Fortunately, his girlfriend, the child’s mother, was in the meeting too. She quickly patted him on the arm and explained to him why our offer was satisfactory. After several agonizing seconds he agreed and signed the BI release.