Often times, you're glad an unreasonable claimant or insured retained an attorney, so that now you can deal with somebody who knows how insurance works. Other times, not so much, depending on the attorney or firm. Send us your tales of dealing with the stereotypical, textbook ambulance chaser, or worse, and the outcomes of the trial after mediation didn't work.

Pro Se Lawsuit

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This was submitted to us by a liability adjuster in the Risk Management Dept. for a Southern city. It’s a lawsuit they had to handle that was actually filed by the person who wrote this up. They actually paid the filing fee to get it into the courts. Here are the highlights from the six-page, hand-written filing:

“My name is —–. I making a lawsuit against —– Sheriff’s office Property Facility and Metro PCS…for following me around for 6 years to every dopehole trap I visit releasing my texts and talk conversation to every dope dealer I visited. I have switch dope spots every two years and they continue to follow me or hire someone to follow me around. When I first meet the dope dealer they give me good grade dope and oil base cocaine and everything is fine for about a 1 year the next year the cops will f— with them so hard until they turn on me. When they turn on me they start cutting my dope with Pills and oil base cocaine with Pills. Police dept own these traps. I’m suiting for 17 million dollars
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