It's amazing what some people say, or mean to say, in e-mails. On the bright side, the lies are then memorialized forever. Send us your crazy e-mail exchanges, no matter if they're from a claimant, and insured or an attorney, and we'll show the world. Don't worry, we'll remove all personal content and addresses.

Another “My Time Is Valuable” E-mail

It was the most similar model they offered.

It’s amazing how valuable peoples’ time becomes when they don’t get their way. And how typing letters and e-mails just rips him away from quality time with his family. This was sent to us by a former adjuster for a city’s Risk Management department.

From: (claimant) Tom [mailto:—————–]
Sent: Wednesday, September 01, 2010 10:38 AM
To: (adjuster)
Subject: RE: Claim # ——- Please reply and Confirm recite of these documents and my request. Thank You ——–

I am not being reimbursed for my rental car the city is paying all in one bill to the body shop.  And I just rented a small car what they had available so it’s the same. The prius gets 42 miles per gallon and hertz doesn’t rent prius’s.

As for paying for my time and extra gas , my time is precious and have had to take time off of work and away from family to deal with this every second of my time for something I am not responsible for will be paid not one cent extra will come out of my pocket for this witch it already has on gas and time away from work and family and having to type these e-mails and letters.

And it is not compensation it is the cost of my time for your accident.

What is the name and E-mail address of the top manager of the Risk Management department ? Continue reading