He Just Can’t See The Light Since His Power Keeps Going Out


Bill was confident his printouts would speak for themselves.

This voicemail was forwarded to us from a city claims adjuster in Florida. The caller is clearly not the happiest camper in the world. But it’s always refreshing to hear a well-reasoned, coherent argument for why a claim should not have been denied.

“Mr. —–, William ——– here, guess what? Just this very past minute, a f—— power outage here, okay. Now I’m tired of this f—— bulls—. Now that claim’s gonna get f—— paid, excuse my language. Or I’m gonna get this s— on TV and let people see this. ‘Cause I’m tired of this crap. You’s know exactly what the hell’s going on out here, you’s are denying it. This s— needs to get fixed, okay.

“I-I’ll tell you what, why don’t you come out here, and I’ll show you all the printouts from my color printer. Every time the power cycles off, this thing has to recycle and then start back up again. And I’ll show you all the start-up pages. How’s that sound? And all the wasted ink. I’m tired of this crap, I really am.“ Continue reading

Quality Control Is Obviously In The Eye Of The Beholder

Direct ManagerThis piece was submitted to us by an adjuster with nearly a quarter-century worth of experience with the same company. We can’t help but wonder how this adjuster’s quality was all those years before their “manager” decided to get more hands-on…

After working for USAA for 23 years they reorganized our large loss casualty examiner group into the “call center.” We would get all kinds of stray calls and first reports of claims (because they did away with the loss report unit) along with the usual work of handling the more complex injury claims. 
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Power’s Out; Where’s My Check?

Power's Out

Municipalities will typically have an employee change their name to "Nature" so that they may carry out "Acts of Nature."

After being affected by a tropical storm, calls flooded the city’s risk management department and people expected to get paid for lost food after power went out. This is a typical conversation that occurred several times a day:

Adjuster: “Risk Management Division, how may I help you?”

Citizen: “Um, um…I was told to call you, that you could pay for my food.”

Adjuster: “Who advised you to contact the City?”

Citizen: “The news.”

Adjuster: “Did you have food spoilage because of a power outage from the storm?”

Citizen: “Yes”

Adjuster: “Why is the City at fault for your food spoilage?”

Citizen: “Because I lost my electricity.” Continue reading

Trying To Make The World A Better Place

Making The World A Better Place

"It's good, but I can make it better. Let me just get rid of this one thing."

This was submitted by a former adjuster who used to work for a Florida city’s risk management department. At least the claimant is thinking globally:

A young woman, new mother, contacts her local municipality asking for reimbursement for a taxi ride to work. She stated the previous Friday the sewer drains had flooded onto her street. Once the water receded, there were large pieces of debris and glass in the road. She told the adjuster she was afraid to back her car out of the driveway for fear the glass and debris would burst her tires. The best course of action, the citizen felt, was to call a taxi cab to get to work. The woman had no family in the area or co-workers that could pick her up and drop her off. Continue reading

The Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Idiots

Rodney Williams

Assignment: Impersonate Mr. Rodney Williams and secure monetary compensation from his insurer.

This recorded statement was sent in by an adjuster from Florida. We changed the names, but not the stupidity

Adjuster: Today is November 17, 2010 in regards to an incident that occurred November 8, 2010. I have Rodney Williams on the line discussing the matter. Rodney, you understand this conversation is being recorded?

Claimant: Uh, yeah.

Adjuster: Okay, and you give permission to do so?

Claimant: Yeah.

Adjuster: Okay just go ahead and state your name and spell your last name please.

Claimant: Okay, Rodney Williams. W-I-L-L-I-A-M-S.

Adjuster: And, what is your residential address?

Claimant:  Uh…okay…1087 Norfolk…Boulevard.

Adjuster: Is this in Gainesville?

Claimant: Gainesville, FL.

Adjuster: And what’s the ZIP Code?

Claimant: 32609. Continue reading