Quality Control Is Obviously In The Eye Of The Beholder

Direct ManagerThis piece was submitted to us by an adjuster with nearly a quarter-century worth of experience with the same company. We can’t help but wonder how this adjuster’s quality was all those years before their “manager” decided to get more hands-on…

After working for USAA for 23 years they reorganized our large loss casualty examiner group into the “call center.” We would get all kinds of stray calls and first reports of claims (because they did away with the loss report unit) along with the usual work of handling the more complex injury claims. 
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E-mail Re: “Lack Of Commitment Outside Of Core Hours”

Extended Endurance Cube Concept

The office supply industry is hard at work making the concept of a 24 hour workday a reality.

This memo was written by a supervisor at a company that now outsources quite a bit of its work to India. The supervisor has since left the company, and bear in mind that his memo was written about 10 years ago, when the economy was good:


This is to follow up on the discussions I have had with many of you about some concerns and ideas I have for your respective teams.

Right now one of the biggest issues that MUST be addressed is our lack of commitment outside of core hours.

As you all know, we are no where close to meeting our goals for the Pursuit Group or for the company. 

I firmly believe that each of you have a duty and obligation to respond to this growing deficit in several ways, one of which includes working extended hours.

I have heard all the arguments against extended hours.

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