He Just Can’t See The Light Since His Power Keeps Going Out


Bill was confident his printouts would speak for themselves.

This voicemail was forwarded to us from a city claims adjuster in Florida. The caller is clearly not the happiest camper in the world. But it’s always refreshing to hear a well-reasoned, coherent argument for why a claim should not have been denied.

“Mr. —–, William ——– here, guess what? Just this very past minute, a f—— power outage here, okay. Now I’m tired of this f—— bulls—. Now that claim’s gonna get f—— paid, excuse my language. Or I’m gonna get this s— on TV and let people see this. ‘Cause I’m tired of this crap. You’s know exactly what the hell’s going on out here, you’s are denying it. This s— needs to get fixed, okay.

“I-I’ll tell you what, why don’t you come out here, and I’ll show you all the printouts from my color printer. Every time the power cycles off, this thing has to recycle and then start back up again. And I’ll show you all the start-up pages. How’s that sound? And all the wasted ink. I’m tired of this crap, I really am.“

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