Quality Control Is Obviously In The Eye Of The Beholder

Direct ManagerThis piece was submitted to us by an adjuster with nearly a quarter-century worth of experience with the same company. We can’t help but wonder how this adjuster’s quality was all those years before their “manager” decided to get more hands-on…

After working for USAA for 23 years they reorganized our large loss casualty examiner group into the “call center.” We would get all kinds of stray calls and first reports of claims (because they did away with the loss report unit) along with the usual work of handling the more complex injury claims. 

They would record every fifth or eighth call for any particular person and the manager would listen to them for quality control. I am not one of those bubbly call center type of people and never was, so when they did this to us, I was struggling. They had the scripted formats that we were to follow (for large loss injury claims, mind you) and I just could not do that because it sounded too fake and plastic. When I do business with companies who talk from a script to me, they lose credibility in my book. 

My boss would take me into a room every week and make me listen to prior calls. She would literally yell and scream at me for about 30 minutes every week.  Here I was rated as “exceeding expectations,” but behind the scenes I was basically browbeaten every week. 

This was one of those managers who everyone was happy to lose whenever she moved on, and we got stuck with her after they ran off my last manager who I had reported to for about nine years. Putting us into that call center and making us listen to old calls was one of the most unproductive things they ever did to our Examiners. After a few months of that, I left the company. It only takes one bad manager to ruin good, proven, productive people.

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