Trying To Make The World A Better Place

Making The World A Better Place

"It's good, but I can make it better. Let me just get rid of this one thing."

This was submitted by a former adjuster who used to work for a Florida city’s risk management department. At least the claimant is thinking globally:

A young woman, new mother, contacts her local municipality asking for reimbursement for a taxi ride to work. She stated the previous Friday the sewer drains had flooded onto her street. Once the water receded, there were large pieces of debris and glass in the road. She told the adjuster she was afraid to back her car out of the driveway for fear the glass and debris would burst her tires. The best course of action, the citizen felt, was to call a taxi cab to get to work. The woman had no family in the area or co-workers that could pick her up and drop her off.

The adjuster then asked the woman why she could not pick up the debris or sweep the debris to make a path for her car. The citizen retorted that it was not her job or her fault the debris was in the street. Since she was a new mom she could not do both. During the course of the argument the citizen advised that her boyfriend stayed home with her child while she worked.

Again, the adjuster asked why the boyfriend could not sweep the debris so she could back out the car. The adjuster denied the claim for the taxi ride on behalf of the City. The young woman became angry that she would not be reimbursed. She told the adjuster “the world would be a better place without you.”

The conversation ended with the adjuster thanking the citizen for her feelings and told her the denial was not being rescinded even if the world would be better without her.

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