Some Days, I’d Be Thrilled To Just Be Called A Creep

This guy got called "Sneaky Little Creep" too after helping himself to some Hors d'oeuvres off the coffee table.

This was submitted by an adjuster from South Florida

I was called a “sneaky little creep” after an insured got angry that I had brought in our company’s Special Investigative Unit to talk to him after I took his recorded statement pertaining to claim for his home being broken into. He was quite lucid during our recorded statement, which was taken in his home, which clearly had been ransacked by someone. But red flags went up after it was revealed that he had been gone from the house for ten days so he could get drug treatment, that his wife was leaving him and that the local vet was calling his home and my office asking who was going to pay for his dog that he’d left with them prior to his leaving town for rehab.

A week after I met with him at his house, he called me up angry and insisted that I tricked him into giving him a recorded statement and that he was on medicine for pancreatic cancer and not in his right mind when I met him at his home. This same insured also got angry with me several months earlier after I explained to him that I couldn’t just write him a check for damage to his vehicle, that we’d have to actually inspect his vehicle and write an estimate for the damage. He never ended up actually filing a claim for his supposed auto damage.

He told me after he called me a sneaky little creep that he’d talk to his lawyer and see if he would be actually compelled to provide us with an examination under oath regarding his theft claim. When I finally spoke to his lawyer the next day, he turned out to be the insured’s real estate lawyer, and admitted this matter was outside of his area of specialty.

A few weeks later, at the recommendation of a different lawyer, the insured withdrew his claim.

This was 10 years ago. I never found out what happened to the dog, but last I heard, the insured is still around.

One thought on “Some Days, I’d Be Thrilled To Just Be Called A Creep

  1. As an all lines adjuster, of course you see and hear everything. I recalled a claim whereby it was reported as a theft of contents from the residence. This claim was actually reported by insured PA. The report of the claim came complete with a fairly substantial estimate for repairs and theft of contents. Really???
    I arrived at the residence to inspect the property. Neither insured or PA was there as scheduled. PA did call and advised he was running a bit late.The rear door was unlocked and I had permission to enter.
    Everything was gone. No furniture, all appliances, cabinets and believe it or not, the kitchen sink was also gone.
    Eventually I made contact with named insured, she gave me her usual statement about she left, came home and all was missing and she had no idea who broke into her “sanctuary” and why. There was a lot of crying and sobbing.
    To make a long story short. I returned to the neighborhood because her timeline and story just did not add up. I begin speaking with neighbors and found out that a truck pulled up to the residence the morning of the theft and out jumps insured and a few unid males. They loaded the vehicle with all the appliances and furniture.
    Another neighbor recognized one of the men and told me where he resided. I went by the home and questioned him about the loss. He stated ” Sure I took it, I got everything right here She helped me load the truck. She owed me this for a debt. I have a signed receipt right here where she turned all that property over to me to settle that debt. He advised me that I was welcome to call the police, if I wanted to. I advised him I think a copy of insured signed receipt turning over individual items, to him, including that kitchen sink, would suffice for right then and there.
    You adjusters know just how excited I was. Certainly not to deny a claim, but to catch an insured flat out lying and attempting to commit fraud and have actual proof.
    Sure enough, it was later determined she did sign the receipt giving away all the property.
    An EUO was scheduled and she refused to attend, claim CWOP.

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