Pro Se Lawsuit

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This was submitted to us by a liability adjuster in the Risk Management Dept. for a Southern city. It’s a lawsuit they had to handle that was actually filed by the person who wrote this up. They actually paid the filing fee to get it into the courts. Here are the highlights from the six-page, hand-written filing:

“My name is —–. I making a lawsuit against —– Sheriff’s office Property Facility and Metro PCS…for following me around for 6 years to every dopehole trap I visit releasing my texts and talk conversation to every dope dealer I visited. I have switch dope spots every two years and they continue to follow me or hire someone to follow me around. When I first meet the dope dealer they give me good grade dope and oil base cocaine and everything is fine for about a 1 year the next year the cops will f— with them so hard until they turn on me. When they turn on me they start cutting my dope with Pills and oil base cocaine with Pills. Police dept own these traps. I’m suiting for 17 million dollars

When the dope dealers cut my product with pills its hard for me to make money. These guys make up to $3,000 dollars a night, I make $100.00 a night. I don’t sell pills, I don’t take pills and I hate pills. When I confront them about my bad product they will stop servcing me or want me to have sex with them to get the good products. I refused to have sex with them and I would have to find a new drug dealer. The drug dealer I visited always know what I have done in my home that day no matter whom I visit. I live at — for 15 years and I have my own trap for 8 years. I’ve never had a problem with my neighbors until this year.

I have pathways on each side of my home were people have came in my yard and Burned my dogs not really bad but enough to let me know someone is watching me 24-7 a day. My family and friends has turned against me. My cousin — and I used to live together as roommates… When he started falling in love with me I ask him to leave about 2 weeks when by he saved his money from selling dope and working for the ship yard. My cousin still refused to leave, he started doing things to put fear in my life, he also was selling dope ridding around —- and he was working for the police. I was home trying to make money survive for myself and the police started they surveillance that made it hard for me to make money and survive. One day I was fed up and I got a hammer and went in my cousin room and broke up all his things. He came home called the police, the police came ask question, my cousin finally grab some of this thing and move out. From that day on my cousin he a police persona cell number for a week straight my cousin and this police office came to my home everyday to get one item until I went in his room and clean every broking.

The police has sent people meaning my so call friends to my home to destroy my things. They have also sent men to my home to fight me. I had to fight and pull my gun to keep men off of me. My ex-boy started working for the police also he started taking me to dope spots and leaving me there no matter how late it was. for months me and my dogs have had a hard time trying to live in —-. every place I visit to eat or shop the police already know I’m heading there, I have to call for rides because I don’t have a car and I think my phone are tap or my house under surveillance. I have no rides now and the buses stop running when I try to catch one. The cops gotta be running that also.


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  1. The only thing this "pork pateagk&quoc; is going to do is line the pockets of groups like ACORN and create more welfare in this nation—the down fall of this nation. When the government takes away the NEED to work and prosper it takes away dignity.

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