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There are tons of websites out there where insureds and claimants can go to vent about their claims experience with adjusters, agents and attorneys. But subrogripe.com is the only site we know of (and trust us, we spent a good 8-10 seconds looking) where insurance professionals can go and share horror stories of their own. Whether it’s their company’s management, whether it’s dealing with people who don’t understand the claims process, how a policy works or why their 1985 Datsun with 285,000 miles on it isn’t worth $7,500.00, despite them just putting a $3,000.00 stereo system in it, here is the place you can come to vent, see how your colleagues handle it, or just have a good laugh.

No matter if it’s your first week or your last week in the insurance industry, everybody has a story. And subrogripe.com is where you and your co-workers can come to read other tales of unrealistic expectations, the incredible lies people tell you over the phone and to your face and how people think that getting rear-ended by a car going 8 mph is their winning lottery ticket.

So take a gander, read some postings, spread the word and by all means, please send us your own stories. We’d love to hear your experiences, and what better place to share them than here at subrogripe.com? Whether it’s a story about management, a ridiculous phone call, e-mail, fraud story, negotiation or just a strange investigation, send your story to us at submissions@subrogripe.com and we’ll see about putting it out there to share with other insurance professionals.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Subrogripe.com!

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